Puppies — Feed Store in Murgon, QLD

Puppy School in Murgon

Puppy training is vital for developing a well-behaved dog. At Carney’s Feed Store, we work with puppies and their owners, showing the pooches how to behave and the owners how best to respond to inappropriate behaviour.

Working on rural properties, it’s important for dogs to know how to be around other animals, including livestock, vehicles and other people. Our Murgon dog trainers will help you ensure your dog is ready for anything.

Every dog to pass through our puppy school receives training on basic commandments. This includes sitting, dropping and waiting on signal, as well as walking on a leash. We will guide you on both verbal and hand queues, and how to handle any areas where you feel your puppy could improve.

Our local dog trainers love their job and will make sure you are comfortable throughout the whole process.

To organise training for your puppy—or puppies—stop by our Lamb Street feed store or call us today.