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Pet, Vet & Poultry Supplies in Murgon

We aren’t kidding when we say you’ll find everything you could ever need for your pets at Carney’s Feed Store. Choose from our wide range of products aimed to suit all pet owners, whether you have a dog, cat, fish, rodent, reptile or bird (including chickens).

Can’t find what you need online or in-store? Call or visit our Murgon supply store and we’ll happily order in exactly what you need.

Local vets can easily pick up everything they need to stock their animal surgery or make house calls. As a supplier of a wide range of products for all types of household pets and stock animals, vets and owners can explore a range of quality brands, all at an affordable price.

Come on down and see our team at Carney’s Feed Store in Murgon today. We’re here to help.

For brands you don’t see here, browse in-store. We are happy to order in products we don’t currently have in stock.

Laying Hens

Nothing beats freshly laid eggs collected from your own chickens. At Carney’s Feed Store, we have well-cared-for, healthy laying hens waiting to find their new home. Owners of our hens tell us they produce quality eggs in great numbers, perfect for all types of dishes. Come instore to view the current breeds available, including starter pullets.

Poultry Feed

Keep your chickens—or other poultry—in a healthy condition with our selection of top-quality feed. We ensure our feed mixes include everything your chooks could need, including a vital balance of protein, calcium and other vitamins and minerals needed to lay quality, good-sized eggs. Order online or in-store.

Cages, Bedding, Feeders & Drinkers

Everything you need to keep your pets safe and well cared for, you’ll find at Carney’s Feed Store in Murgon. Select from a number of different-sized cages and beds to suit a range of animals. We also stock feeders and drinkers, available for pets and livestock.

Raw Food Diet for Dogs

If you’ve never fed your dog a raw food diet, you’re missing out. With our premium raw dog foods, you’re ensuring your pooch is receiving a balanced, nutritious diet fit for their lifestyle. Curious? Come in-store and ask our friendly team for help. We have more than 30 years of experience to provide you with proven advice.

Vet Supplies

We are thankful for our local Murgon vets. To ensure they can do their job with maximum efficiency, we stock everything they need to respond to the needs of local animal owners. Everything can be ordered online or in-store to suit your schedule.

Frozen Rats & Mice

Snake owners in the Murgon area know when they choose Carney’s for their frozen rats and mice (including pinkies) they are receiving top-quality products. Buy what you need or stock up —we have just what you need.

Reptile Supplies

At Carney’s Feed Store in Murgon, we have the right products and knowledge to help maintain or set-up a new terrarium. Products available include lamps, heat sheets and all other supplies you’ll need. We also have live crickets when they’re in season. Browse in store or shop online.

Fish Food & Aquarium Supplies

From the common fishbowl to large-scale aquariums housing tropical fish, you’ll find your everyday fish essential right here at Carney’s. Fish food, lamps, tanks, and decorations—we have it all.


Fly into Carney’s Feed Store for some of the best prices on birdseed and treats in Murgon. We have nutritionally balanced seed mixes to suit all types of pet birds and poultry. Stock up instore or online.